Did I Get Lost in the Woods or Something?

To my fellow adventure seekers,

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for most of the month of May, right? Maybe you thought I was out getting lost in the beautiful world that is Mother Nature and going on all these great adventures.

Sadly that was not the case.

Photo of me from a while back in the fall exploring around Western Mass.

During the month of May college and adult life got in the way a lot, which was something I didn’t plan. Finals came and went, then I got stuck on jury duty for longer than I anticipated (just my luck), and of course work too (broke college life is great am I right?). Therefor my blog had to be put on the back burner of the campfire for a while (see what I did there).

Don’t worry I did get a few good adventures in during the month that I can’t wait to start sharing with you in future posts! I’ll keep this short, because I just wanted to inform you all I’m still here and didn’t get eaten by a bear.

Now go out enjoy this beautiful first day of June and keep hiking!


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