Hang Up Your Hiking Boots and Trade Them in For Riding Boots and Spurs: Horseback Riding Trails in the White Mountains

When you think of New England you think of the beautiful fall foliage, the word “wicked,” vacationing on the beaches of the Cape, the dominant sports teams, and well in my case, really good hiking.

Typically out in the Northeast riding horses among the trails doesn’t come to ones mind, that’s usually something you save for out west if you want to become a cowboy or something. Which is totally OK, because I have cousin who is obsessed with riding and I’d support her 100% if she wanted to become a cowgirl or whatever.

A few riders in the woods, photo via Farm by the River.

Anyways, back to where I was getting at, if you’re a rider out here in the Northeast and tired of riding at your barn or taking lessons I’ve got some good news for you, there are other places you can go. I know it’s shocking right?

The White Mountains in New Hampshire actually has quite a bit of horseback riding you can do, it sounds a little weird, because normally when people go to the Whites it’s all about Mountain Washington and the 4,000 Footers Club.

Now with your next trip to the Whites maybe you’ll want to do it a little differently, instead of trekking through the woods by foot (which is great and all), how about riding horseback through the meadows or woods or even along a river. Sounds nice right? Plus you’ll still get a view of the mountains.

If You’re down with the idea of doing this, one great place to go is Farm by the River . It’s a bed and breakfast in North Conway that offers horse riding year round. This is the only place in the White Mountains that offers on site year round horse rides, so if you want you can go when it’s warm or when it’s snowing. Hell if you want go every season if you please.

Farm by the River offers some of the most scenic trail rides in the Mount Washington Valley-on 70 scenic acres with beautiful mountain views. Also, this is a guided walk-only ride.

If horseback riding in Conway isn’t your thing, there’s another near the village of Franconia. Just like Farm by the River, The Franconia Notch Stables is located at an inn, the Franconia Inn to be exact.

The trail rides last about 1 hour and it takes riders through fields and forests. During the ride you can look onto Mt. Lafayette, Kinsman Ridge, and Cannon Mt., just to name a few of the beautiful sites you’ll see.

Winter Wonderland in Franconia, photo via Franconia Notch Stables.

If you’re feeling really ambitious and want to visit a winter wonderland starting in mid-December they offer sleigh rides. It’s a one-horse sleigh, which holds up to 6 adults. Blankets are provided to keep you nice and warm during the ride, also you’re allowed to bring hot cocoa or any other warm treats.

Now I’m saving what possibly could be the best for last, the Black Mountain Stables.

Now you’re probably like, “Sylvia what makes this place any better than the last two places?” Well I have an answer for you.

Like the rest of them you can explore breath taking mountain views and beautiful New England scenery. However what puts this place in front of the other two is during your ride you might start out at a low point, but you get to hit up to 2,000 ft. high of scenic views. I don’t know about the rest of you, but riding up a small mountain or peak sounds pretty cool, instead of some flat land. As if it could get even better, you can actually take overnight horse riding trips up to a private cabin with your friends. Talk about a cool weekend getaway.

Shot of the cabin you can stay in at Black Mountain, photo via Black Mountain

This is something I would definitely consider doing, if you’re sick of trekking along trail (probably not, but change is good). As always happy hiking or maybe even riding in this case!


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