Hilarious Hiking: Always Keep Track of Your Stuff on the Trail

Everyone loves a good hiking/camping story, especially when they’re funny ones. Usually these funny stories come with some kind of moral or life lesson, because usually some kind of mistake was made. Like that time you and your friend forgot cups, plates, and silverware or when your cousin decided it was an OK idea to leave your headband by the fire and let it burn to a crisp (I’m still not over that). Now we know to double check things and never leave your stuff by the fire.

Cooling down waiting for everyone to get back, photo taken by my cousin.

Today’s hiking lesson is: always keep track of your stuff on the trail.

Now lets get into the story of why this is important, other than the obvious reasons.

Last summer when I was hiking in the White Mountains with my family we hiked this like 9 mile trail (well it was like 4.5 miles one way), which of course I can’t remember the name of, but that’s not an important part to the story.

About a 1/4 of a mile into the trail there was a small river we had to cross to get to the other side of the trail which was no big deal. When we were hiking back I was about a mile or a little more ahead of my cousin who was probably about a half a mile ahead of the rest of the group (basically we were far away from everyone).

Naturally by the law of physics or math, whatever you want to call it I was the first one back to the riverbank that afternoon. Being the nice person I was instead of crossing and hiking the rest of the way back to the truck I decided to wait for everyone (I know I’m a saint). Not long after my cousin arrived with her trusty dog Ivy.

My cousin crossing the riverbank making the trip back for her lost sneakers, photo taken by me.

Now this dog can’t really swim, I mean she can, but the river was a little deep to her liking, so my cousin insisted she carry her across which was fine. However she also insisted that I take her backpack and stuff across the river, I believe I shot back with “Excuse me, but I have my own things to worry about. Do it yourself.”

Well, she did take all of her stuff, in about 3 trips, logic doesn’t run well with us. Once she went back and grabbed her backpack and jacket. She wanted to walk to rest of the trail barefoot, I wasn’t going to let her so I made her put her sneakers on. She started to look around for her sneakers. She then realized that she left her sneakers on the other side of the riverbank.

It gets better don’t worry.

Once everyone finally met on the riverbank and we were scolded for hiking so far ahead of everyone, we headed back to the truck and then on back to the campsite. Once we got back to the site, my cousin started to look for her phone, couldn’t find it in her pack. Went into the truck couldn’t find it and then went into the back of the truck still nothing. We checked again and then she looked at me realizing what she had done.

She looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Sylvia my phone is in my jacket and I think I left it on the trail.”

My eyes went wide and said, “So which one of us is going to tell Patty what you just did?”

About 10 seconds later she fessed up what she did and then the next thing we knew my uncle was groaning getting into the truck scolding her. Once we reached the parking lot for the trail we bolted out of the car and the people hiking probably thought we were crazy. However, we got lucky and when we made it to the riverbank her black jacket was sitting there on a rock untouched.

I’m never letting her live this moment down for as long as we live.

Moral of the story guys, keep track of your stuff. Someday this could be you and you may not be as lucky.

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