Walking in the Woods Forever: The Story Behind My Pine Tree Tattoo

If there’s one thing I’ve always been thankful for it has been being able to grow up in New England. Another thing I’m thankful for? That my parents were hikers, loved the outdoors, and dragged me along all those dirt trails growing up (not literally, but you get what I’m saying).

A picture of some beautiful pines in Acadia National Park. A place I spent 8 summers growing up. Photo taken by John Schinker.

So during my spring break I should have been out climbing mountains and adventuring, but thanks to Blizzard Stella that didn’t happen. A week later there’s still over a foot of snow on the ground and it’s the first official day of Spring, I just love this part of the country so much sometimes.

I really do, don’t get me wrong, again I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up or vacation anywhere else in my 20 years of living. New England is such a unique place to grow up in, it’s almost it’s own little country itself. I love it here and if you ever have the opportunity to visit here you totally should.

That’s why I last week instead of out being in the woods doing something, I decided to make the woods a permanent part of me.

OK you’re probably thinking Sylvia what the hell are you talking about? Let me explain.

Last week during Spring break I found myself on Thursday in a tattoo parlor (Pygmalion’s Tattoo to be exact) and then next thing you know by a spur of the moment decision I was having a pine tree tattooed on me.

Photo of my pine tree tattoo I got last week.

So now wherever I go I’ll always have a piece of the woods with me and it’s only fitting as well, because my name means spirit of the woods.

I may not always be able to live a life among the pines wherever life takes me, but I’ll always have one with me.

Now I think the mountains are calling next (Any Jon Muir fans will see what I did there or if you read my post about Instgram), by that I mean in the future I think a mountain tattoo is in store next.

I promise more trail related stuff will be up this week, happy hiking!


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