Blizzard Stella Snow Day Update: Crazy New Englander Edition

If any of you are lucky enough to live in the northeast like I do, you’re probably doing the same thing I’m doing right now, looking out the window aimlessly wondering WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING IT’S MARCH.

We’ve got almost a foot of snow here in Western Mass and from the looks of it there’s probably more in store (awesome right?). Thanks Blizzard Stella.

The joys of living in New England, photo from Massachusetts Memes.

Not a soul is outside, except for the people trying to dig their cars out or just trying to clear some walking space, because well us New Englander’s we can be known to be a little crazy when it comes to blizzards. A little or a foot of snow isn’t gonna keep us inside and stop us from getting our Dunks (or Cumberlands coffee in my case, because it’s closer).

People in other places in the U.S. might think we’re crazy, but to us it’s just another Tuesday and we need our iced coffee.

Now I was never really one of those crazy people who’d leave their house to go venture out into the snow for coffee or anything for that matter.

Today I became one of those people and regret nothing.

I couldn’t be any more New England if I tried today.

Now you see, before you start judging me I had a legitimate reason for going, my dad needed stuff at the gas station and I thought well since I’m going there and anyone who knows me knows I drink Cumberlands coffee religiously I thought hell with it lets get a coffee too.

Now I wasn’t about to try to dig my dad’s jeep wrangler out of the snow and drive it there, because well I was feeling lazy. So I treated this Cumberlands adventure as my own little hiking adventure, because from the looks of the weather I won’t be getting out to the mountains any time soon.

I bundled up, walked out the door, and yelled to my dad, “This is gonna prepare me for when I go to Alaska someday! BYE!”

I made my trek to Cumberlands wishing I was hiking somewhere in the snowy mountains instead of just a couple of blocks to the gas station, but I survived and got my iced coffee. It’s been a productive snow day or in New England just another Tuesday.

Now I’m gonna go back to watching The Blair Witch Project and wonder why I’m spending my spring break inside, because of blizzard Stella. Maybe this movie will inspire my next adventure and I’ll go hunting for witches in the woods, just kidding that’s not gonna happen.

PS stay updated on the snow with, we can all cry together over this.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard Stella Snow Day Update: Crazy New Englander Edition

  1. You said, ‚ÄúThis is gonna prepare me for when I go to Alaska someday”, and your words ring true because for almost three months we enjoy the on again off again ‘Stella’ type snow events. However I am afraid you will indeed have to dig the Jeep out because walking, even a few blocks, at -30 or -40 will definitely make you physically unable (frostbite) to enjoy your coffee. Thanks for a great post

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