Easy Hikes in Western Massachusetts That Will Make You Want to Become a Hiker

If there’s anything I know about growing up in western Massachusetts, it’s there’s not a lot of things to do around here if you fall under the category of high school or college kid.

Unless it’s summertime the only thing to do around here is shop or do something outside. Then again, even in the summer sometimes things can still get pretty boring around these parts. One thing I’ve always noticed though whether you’ve grown up in western mass or somewhere else in New England, everyone just about is a sucker for hiking.

Well if you’re not you’re about to be, because I have three easy hikes around western mass that’ll make you want to become a hiker, kill time when you have nothing to do, and give you pictures worthy enough for Instagram.

Peaked Mountain

The mailbox on top of the mountain, photo taken by myself.
The mailbox on top of the mountain, photo taken by myself.

Peaked Mountain is a hidden gem that many forget about, hidden in the hills of Monson, MA. The summit is 1,227 ft. and takes about 45 minutes to hike one way. Once you hit the top you’ll be greeted by a small mailbox, where several notebooks are usually kept and hikers can leave a message. Almost mimicking the sign-in stops on the Appilichain Trail. At the top looking out you can gaze northward across the Quabbin Reservoir watershed and even get a glimpse of New Hampshire’s Mount Monadknock.

Mount Tom

Sitting at 1,202 ft. Mount Tom is a steep, rugged traprock mountain peak, but don’t let the word rugged and stuff scared you off. It might sound bad and scary, but it’s an easy hike with beautiful views. The peak sits on the west bank of the Connecticut River. What’s really cool is depending on the way you go up or down you can see the old deserted water park.

Bare Mountain 15823485_1218620371519724_1204392432427806635_n

A popular hike among college students (mostly because it sits near the five colleges), Bare Mountain sits just above 1,000 feet and is a prominent peak part of the Holyoke Range. The mountain is located within the towns of Amherst and South Hadley, MA. Although it can be a little bit of a steep climb during some parts, the view is worth it. Once you hit the top you can look over all of Amherst and even spot the monstrous campus of UMASS.

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